Just like nanoscience, progress is the product of emergence, of smaller components colliding to build collective momentum and create something far more powerful than the sum of its parts.
Cellugy team

Our vision is about gathering the right evidence, the right people, and the right knowledge to turn theory into practice, ideas into products, and potential into opportunity. Together, we’re uncovering circular, system-wide solutions that will truly change the world.


Exponential learning, growth and opportunity in a team that thrives on creativity and innovation.

We understand that our employees are crucial to our growth and success, so we do everything we can to empower them to do their best work. Working with Cellugy means being at the forefront of a whole new era in biotechnology and sustainability. Our employees get first-hand experience working across academia, sciences, and industry to understand every step of our complex ecosystem. The learning curve is steep, the team is passionate, and the challenges we’re tackling will have you motivated and excited every Monday morning.


Collaboration is in our DNA, so we’re always looking for passionate, talented people to help us change the world.

Chemical Engineer/Biochemistry Intern
Our technical lab is open for internships in projects related to bacterial cellulose formulation!