We’re unlocking opportunities in the paper and chemical industries.

Because markets, supply chains and consumers are all asking for more.

With environmental awareness growing and consumption habits changing, this is a momentous time for countless industries. By joining us on our mission to create strong, sustainable materials through biofabrication, you’re getting in on the ground floor of a not-so-tiny materials revolution.

Part of the Cellugy team
Collaboration, pragmatism, and ambition
Because with the right means, there’s so much potential to unlock

We look for the perfect balance between structure, agility, pragmatism, experimentation, risk-taking, commercialization, and continuous iteration.

Cellugy's transformational approach represents the future for sustainable and circular materials. As an impact-focused investor, we are excited by the long-term potential for Cellugy’s material to replace current unsustainable and unrecyclable plastics in a range of applications.

Jamie Rowles, Head of Investment, Sky Ocean Ventures

Our FUNDING partners

We have great people on board.
This is a crucial time for us
Because we’re developing commercial partners and use cases

With over 15 awards and prestigious first-place prizes under our belt, we’ve been able to fund and validate our ideas through helpful grants, accelerators, and supporters. In 2020, we closed our pre-seed round with Sky Ocean Ventures and the Novo Nordisk Bio Innovation Institute. Today, we have non-equity funding from the European Innovation Council First Green Deal Call and are raising a crucial seed round to finance our next stage of product development and growth.


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