Together, we’re enabling the transition to a bio-based economy.

Because we all have the power to become change-makers.

We gather the right evidence, the right people, and the right knowledge to turn theory into practice, ideas into products, and potential into opportunity. To keep growing, we’re looking for innovative co-creators and partners with big ideas who are excited about developing new products and leading the shift away from fossil-based materials.

Cellugy technical team
Cellugy's role in the value chainCellugy's role in the value chain
Chemical companies

EcoFLEXY can replace the fossil-based additives or synthetic rheology modifiers used in bio-based materials or personal care formulations.

Paper Manufacturers

EcoFLEXY can replace the fossil-based coatings or additives to reduce the complexity of today’s specialty papers, meeting the customer expectations for fully recyclable mono-material solutions​.

Brand owners

Our technology helps brand owners solidify their sustainability positioning, respond to changing demand, and lead the way towards a bio-based economy.

We’re entering an exciting development phase
It’s time to test, iterate, and scale.

From a shared frustration about single-use plastics to an international, cross-disciplinary effort to develop new bionanocellulose-based  materials; we’ve already come a long way.  Today, we have an innovative  technology that is ready for product development, so we’re looking for strategic partners to help us learn and adapt our materials to their needs.

Brand experts

Let manufacturers know you care

Differentiate your products and prepare for growing consumer demand.

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Help us learn, iterate, and scale.

Shape the future of sustainability and get ahead of a growing, shifting market.

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Biotechnology as a tool for progress
Because sometimes tiny solutions can solve big problems

EcoFLEXY is a non-toxic, biodegradable and recyclable bio-nanocellulose material produced by the biotransformation of sugars by specific microorganisms. By adjusting our process parameters, we’re able to modulate different material properties and develop solutions that are well-suited for applications like coatings, cosmetics, or textiles. As a result, our circular products remain strong, durable, and versatile while enabling a responsible end of life

Learn more about our first product: ecoflexy

For big corporations it is essential to have innovative start-ups like Cellugy to come up with new ground breaking technologies – to accelerate our transformation into a sustainable future

Michael Stenderup, Vice President, Arla Foods

Cellugy in action

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