The first step in our bio-fabrication journey.

Allowing brand and manufacturing partners to meet aggressive sustainability goals, our bio-cellulose EcoFLEXY material is made out of market-sourced, bio-converted excess sugars. Today, EcoFLEXY is being developed for packaging partners looking to produce a versatile, recyclable, and biodegradable barrier coating solution. But with such promising results, we see countless potential applications ahead.

EcoFLEXY is fossil-free
EcoFLEXY is a biofabricated material grown from plant‐based renewable raw materials.
EcoFLEXY reduces CO2 emissions
Reduced emissions
EcoFLEXY reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80% when compared to traditional plastics.
EcoFLEXY serves as a solvent-free formula
Solvent-free formulas
EcoFLEXY is a water-based product that cuts out all harmful volatile organic compounds.
EcoFLEXY is biodegradable, making it responsible end-of-life
Responsible end-of-life
EcoFLEXY is biodegradable by design, allowing us to create circular products that are easily recycled.
Specialty papers

Waterborne suspension that can be used as a multifunctional additive at the wet end of the papermaking process or as a surface coating to improve the physical properties of the cellulose fibers and impart water resistance.

Innovative, mono-material fiber-based goods
EcoFLEXY can be used for packaging
Barrier layer in packaging
EcoFLEXY can be used for textiles
Barrier layer in textiles
EcoFLEXY can be used as additive in biocomposites
Additive in biocomposites
Personal care

Waterborne suspension that acts as thickener and stabilizer for formulations with smooth or soft texture.

High quality, nature-derived ingredient for sunscreen and skin creams
EcoFLEXY can be used for household & personal care products
Skincare products
EcoFLEXY can be used for suncare products
Suncare products
Our most frequent asked questions.
What main problem is Cellugy fixing ?

Cellugy is developing innovative solutions to the plastic problem. It is now undeniable that we’re facing a global climate and waste crisis. Throughout their lifecycle, plastics are responsible for 0.86 GTon of CO2 emissions annually, and only 16% get collected for recycling while 19% are leaked into the environment. Once in our oceans, they also break down into microscopic pieces – called microplastics – and end up in our bodies. In fact, several studies have estimated that the average person ingests 5g of microplastic (the equivalent of a credit card) every week in drinking water and fish. However, no technology has been able to build a holistic, bio-based solution that has low CO2 emissions, is biodegradable at room temperature, and can integrate existing recycling streams.

Until now.

How does Cellugy’s current technology work ?

EcoFLEXY is produced by a white biotechnology process in which a specific strain of bacteria produces nanocellulose through the bioconversion of sugar. The result, EcoFLEXY, is a robust and versatile material with multiple prospective industry applications like barrier coating and rheological modification. Since it is recognized as GRAS by the FDA, it can be applied across countless industries in products like packaging, food, hygiene, and beauty. It can also be used as a mechanical strengthener to improve the resistance of composite materials in packaging, textiles, construction, and automotive industries.

I’m very interested in working with EcoFLEXY – where can I buy it ?

Though we’re grateful and overwhelmed by the support and interest our company is receiving as market trends shift, it’s important to note that Cellugy has not entered its commercial stage yet. At the moment, we’re focusing on effective collaboration and co-creation by teaming up with industry partners and developing new use cases based on their specific requirements. If you’d like to help us test new uses and support the sustainability shift, we want to hear from you.

I’m interested in integrating your technology into one of our products – how does collaboration work?

That’s great! We’re always on the lookout for new collaborators and partners. If you think EcoFLEXY could be a good fit for your product offering, we encourage you to reach out to us through the partners page with your inquiries. Once we’ve validated the need and relevancy of our product within your context, we’ll work alongside your product development and R&D departments in order to iteratively develop a product that meets your requirements.

Be part of the solution
Because the sooner we collaborate, the faster we learn.

We lean on the support of crucial partners, investors, and change-makers to research, discover, test and improve industry applications and solutions. Together, we’re building momentum and creating something far more powerful than the sum of our parts —  that’s how we’ll pass on a healthier planet to generations to come.