The first step in our bio-fabrication journey.

Allowing brand and manufacturing partners to meet their aggressive sustainability goals, EcoFLEXY is pure biocellulose produced through fermentation in an energy-efficient process, free from harsh chemicals. It can be produced using standard fermentation equipment, which enables local production globally. Due to our novel development process, EcoFLEXY has outstanding performance and unique characteristics that enable our partners to create high-quality products while boosting their sustainability profile, to protect both people and the planet.

EcoFLEXY is fossil-free
In our development of EcoFLEXY, we strive to create processes that relies on renewable raw materials.
Cellugy has a unique portfolio of high-producing non-GMO bacteria that enables high productivity without concerns.
EcoFLEXY serves as a solvent-free formula
Waterless cellulose
EcoFLEXY is available both as a water-based, solvent-free suspension and as a concentrated powder that can be easily re-dispersed.
EcoFLEXY is biodegradable, making it responsible end-of-life
Responsible end-of-life
EcoFLEXY is biodegradable by design, allowing our partners to redesign their products to fit in a future global bioeconomy.
Personal care

Waterborne suspension or concentrated powder as a multifunctional rheology modifier for personal care applications.

High quality, nature-derived ingredient for personal care products and cosmetics.
Skin care
Hair care
Sun care
specialty papers

Waterborne suspension that can be used as a multifunctional additive at the wet end of the papermaking process or as a surface coating to improve the physical properties of the cellulose fibers and provide water resistance.

Innovative, mono-material for fiber-based goods.

Barrier layer in packaging
Barrier layer in textiels
Our most frequent asked questions.
What main problem is Cellugy fixing ?

It is no secret that the world has a pollution problem. Unfortunately, the pollution crisis has reached a level, where making consciousconsumption decisions is not always enough to protect your own health. Despite rising awareness of the issue, production of petrochemicals has risen by almost 40% since 2018. The global production capacity for these fossil-derived products has reached 2.29 billion metric tons per year.  In fact, we are producing so much that, as of2020 there are more man-made materials on earth than the total biomass of allliving things. This development cannot continue. We need a new generation of sustainable bio-based materials that contributes rather than breaks down Earth’s naturally circular ecosystems.

Which is exactly what we are developing.

How does Cellugy’s current technology work ?

EcoFLEXY is produced by a white biotechnology process in which a specific strain of bacteria produces nanocellulose through the bioconversion of sugar. The result, EcoFLEXY, is a robust and versatile material with multiple prospective industry applications like barrier coating and rheological modification. Since it is recognized as GRAS by the FDA, it can be applied across countless industries in products like packaging, food, hygiene, and beauty. It can also be used as a mechanical strengthener to improve the resistance of composite materials in packaging, textiles, construction, and automotive industries.

I’m very interested in working with EcoFLEXY – where can I buy it ?

We are grateful and excited by the support and interest fromcompanies who are ready to embark on their journey towards biobasedalternatives. Currently, we are focusing on scaling up our production to meetthis urgent demand. Scaling the availability of high performing biomaterials isessential to enable our industrial partner’s shift towards circularity.  That is why we are working hard, so we canreach our target for commercial launch of our material in 2023. Until then, weare continuing our effective collaboration and co-creation efforts  with our industry partners and developing newuse cases based on their specific requirements. Reach out to us and get in onthe ground floor of a rapidly growing bioeconomy.

We want to hear from you.

I’m interested in integrating your technology into one of our products – how does collaboration work?

That’s great! We’re always on the lookout for new collaborators and partners. If you think EcoFLEXY could be a good fit for your product offering, we encourage you to reach out to us through the partners page with your inquiries. Once we’ve validated the need and relevancy of our product within your context, we’ll work alongside your product development and R&D departments in order to iteratively develop a product that meets your requirements.

Be part of the solution
Because the sooner we collaborate, the faster we learn.

We lean on the support of crucial partners, investors, and change-makers to research, discover, test and improve industry applications and solutions. Together, we’re building momentum and creating something far more powerful than the sum of our parts —  that’s how we’ll pass on a healthier planet to generations to come.