Just like biotechnology, progress is the product of emergence, of smaller components colliding to build collective momentum and create something far more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Just like biotechnology, the fight against toxic plastic pollution also requires us to think big while working small, to take winding, non-linear paths towards progress as we strive to create plastic-like materials that can be transformed, repurposed, and recycled time and time again. As a team, we’re clearing those paths by continuously learning, questioning and testing our assumptions about the role new biomaterials can play in our production, consumption, and waste-management systems.

Our vision is about gathering the right evidence, the right people, and the right knowledge to turn theory into practice, ideas into products, and potential into opportunity. Together, we’re uncovering circular, system-wide solutions that will truly change the world.


Meet the people who drive our success, our innovation, and our growth.
Isabel Alvarez-Martos
CEO & co-founder
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Deby Fapyane
CSO & co-founder
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Parun Sihombing
CFO/COO & co-founder
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Andreas Worberg
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Clara Capparelli
Commercial Director
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Alixander Perzon
Material Scientist
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Matevz Mencigar
Bioprocess Engineer
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Jennifer Kristen
Marketing Communication Coordinator
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Helene Weper Jensen
Junior Bioprocess Specialist
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Antonin Cros
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Damien Perriman
Senior Vice President Specialty Products at Genomatica - Board Member
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Sara Sande
Danmarks eksport- og investeringsfond - Board Observer
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Jakob Rybak-Andersen
PreSeed Ventures – Board Member
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Jonas Ahm-Lundgren
The Footprint Firm – Board Member
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Thomas Bagge
CEO at DCSA – Board Chairman
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