Developing game-changing alternatives to fossil-based plastics

With bionanocellulose-based materials that meet today’s needs without jeopardizing those of tomorrow

We’re leveraging science, academia, and industry to tackle one of the world’s most pressing challenges: plastic pollution. How? By developing versatile, scalable bionanocellulose-based materials that adapt to countless industry applications while enabling a circular economy for plastics.

Introducing Ecoflexy

The first step in our bio-fabrication journey.

Allowing brand and manufacturing partners to meet aggressive sustainability goals, our bio-cellulose EcoFLEXY material is made out of market-sourced, bio-converted excess sugars. Today, EcoFLEXY is being developed for packaging partners looking to produce a versatile, recyclable, and biodegradable barrier coating solution. But with such promising results, we see countless potential applications ahead.

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Cellugy in action

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October 27, 2021
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July 26, 2021
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Because the sooner we collaborate, the faster we learn.

We lean on the support of crucial partners, investors, and change-makers to research, discover, test and improve industry applications and solutions. Together, we’re building momentum and creating something far more powerful than the sum of our parts —  that’s how we’ll pass on a healthier planet to generations to come.


Along with the support of our mentors and investors, grants and awards
have allowed us to fund our research and push the boundaries of our new ideas.


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