Unleashing the potential of biofabricated cellulose for a healthy planet

Leveraging nature's most abundant organic polymer, cellulose challenges the need for petrochemicals in our products.

Inspired by natural processes, we are unlocking sustainable pathways to create high-quality biomaterials and ingredients that enable the transition of our industries to a circular future. Our fermentation process can produce a pure cellulose material that bridges high performance and unique properties, with the profile of a renewable, non-toxic material found in nature. Our drive is to provide the functional alternatives that our industries urgently need to fit in a future circular economy.

Cellugy relies on research

Introducing Ecoflexy

Our first step to grow the global bioeconomy.

EcoFLEXY is the product of our dedication to creating a tunable platform technology for growing sustainable biofabricated cellulose materials and ingredients. The platform allows us to tailor the applications of EcoFLEXY to fit the needs of an expanding list of industries and products. From natural high-performing multifunctional ingredients in personal care to high quality barrier coating in textiles and packaging solutions, and limitless other possibilities. EcoFLEXY is a highly tunable material, which means that it can be tailor-made to fit the needs of countless industries, that are looking for bio-based alternatives. We are passionate about scaling this impact through close collaboration with our expanding network across industries and research based institutions.

cosmetics &
EcoFLEXY can be used for textiles
EcoFLEXY can be used for food packaging
EcoFLEXY can be used for paints and inks
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Cellugy in action

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Join the renewable revolution
To unleash the sustainable potential of cellulose in your business.

Naturally, this potential makes us excited about the impact EcoFLEXY can have on our current pollution crisis. That is why we are teaming up with people and organizations who share our to unleash the potential of biofabricated cellulose materials in our partners' industries. This is how we believe we can grow a healthier and non-toxic environment for the generations to come. Reach out today, to find out how cellulose can enable your business and products to fit in a sustainable future.


Along with the support of our mentors and investors, grants and awards
have allowed us to fund our research and push the boundaries of our new ideas.


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