Microbiologist/Research Scientist

The role is the main point of contact for microbiology laboratory stakeholders and manages day-to-day operations of the laboratory, continues improvement to develop best practices that impact how technologies & processes in the microbiological analysis are implemented, contributes to the growth of microbiology laboratory capabilities, supports project and initiatives within R&D strategy. This position is full-time in our laboratory in Søborg.

Minimum requirement:

- knowledge of molecular biology and genetics, biochemistry, and chemistry

- practical skills for performing experiments and operating scientific equipment (UV Vis, PCR)

- knowledge of laboratory hazards and proper safety procedures

- skill in analyzing and interpreting research results and other information problem-solving skills

- presentation and writing skills for reports or grant proposal, math and computer skills.

Preferred requirement:

- Able to analyze microorganism genetic fingerprints (mutation, etc).

- Have experience in doing genetic alteration (GMO).

- Able to operate a lab-scale bioreactor for the fermentation process.

Other requirements:

- Excellent organizational skills to adjust to fluctuating workloads, and urgent stakeholders’ requests while maintaining attention to detail. 

- Strong communication/report writing skills. 

If you are interested please send your CV and Cover Letter to info@cellugy.com.

Career Level: Microbiologist/Research Scientist

Qualification: PhD (new graduates are encouraged to apply)

Job Type: Full-Time